About Us

Who We Are

Iridium Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in Telco Open-Channel Business, partnering with leading brands such as Apple, OPPO, RealMe, Huawei Laptop, and more, in developing their open-channel network in the Philippines.

Iridium started out with a vision that eventually, mobile communications would become a need in the country, a foresight that few had, back in the day. In 2008, it branched off from its parent company, a pioneer as well in the Telco and the IT industry. After its official launch in that same year, Iridium quickly rose to become one of the pioneers of mobile distribution and business in the Philippines.

The company started out by growing the Sony Ericsson brand nationwide by distributing its products to their partner retail stores, and eventually expanding their network to include other brands.

Throughout the years, it has amassed partnerships with various global, premium brands, such as Samsung, Blackberry, Transcend, Lenovo, OPPO, and RealMe. Experience in the technology industry has also resulted in Iridium’s venturing to develop their own brand, known as the Arc Mobile. Iridium is currently the sole distributor of Apple for iPhones in the Philippines, but the company carries other Apple products and accessories as well.


To provide exceptional and value-added services and products that lead its partners’ businesses to success.


To become the best business partner that understands and satisfies its clients’ needs.

Core Values

Iridium’s core values are summed up through the acronym SIPPP

What We Do

Iridium Technologies, Inc. supplies Telco products, such as mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets and accessories to their partners, whether retail, corporate, or operator.

They bridge the gap between brands and businesses, fostering good working relationships with these key partners in order to help lead their businesses to success. Iridium also helps their partners sell their products by providing marketing support in the form of printed materials, special deals, packages, promos, and more.

As Iridium seeks to improve and innovate where communications and technology are concerned, the company aspires to be the front-runner in developing the open-channel network nationwide. Iridium’s goal is to rise to meet the world’s ever-evolving needs in the tech industry, and at the same time, ensure the growth of its partners’ businesses across the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Open-Channel Network?

Open-channel Network is the selling of similar types of products in stores. Unlike carriers or operators that sell products that are locked within their network, open-channel  stores have no limit to the items that they carry.

What are Telco products?

Telco products are mobile phones, gadgets, accessories, and the like.

What is the difference between multi-brands and concept stores?

Multi-brand stores are those that carry several products from several brands, while concept stores, on the other hand, only carry the products from their brand name.

How wide is the scope of Iridium’s product distribution?

Iridium has approximately 800 partners serving in more than a thousand  point-of-sales stores across the Philippines.

Can we buy our gadgets directly from Iridium Technologies, Inc.?

Iridium caters solely to business-to-business transactions. They only conduct transactions with retail stores, companies, and other partners that, in turn, sell to the end-user.